Aromatherapy Jewellery

Handmade by Leah Kirk of The Oily Choice - our bracelets are elegant and allow you to take the aromas of essential oils with you on the go! When we apply essential oils topically, they absorb rather quickly through our skin and into the cells of our body to provide amazing wellness properties. Usually within 30 minutes of application of the essential oils on the skin, the oils have been absorbed and the aroma is undetectable on the skin. This is great for our inner body... however, if you are anything like us, and like to use your oils in place of perfume or would like to apply relaxing or uplifting aromas that you can take with you easily... then you'll need one (or a few) of these and here's why:

  • They look BEAUTIFUL!
  • Available in many different colours so you can coordinate with your outfits!
  • Look great on their own or even a few stacked on the wrist together!
  • The aromas on the beads last for several hours!
  • Made with stretch cord so no fussing with clasps when putting on or taking off!
  • We are able to do custom orders if there is a colour scheme or bead type you are wanting!

So how do they work? Each bracelet includes 3 to 5 lava beads which are porous and allow the essential oils to saturate the beads. So you simply place a drop or two of oil in your hand and rub all over the lava beads of the bracelet. The aroma should last for several hours, depending on how strong the essential oil is that you have applied and quantity of oil rubbed over the beads (no need to go crazy as you don't want your skin to have a reaction and please dilute if you are using hot oils or blends). Then you simply re-apply when the aroma is starting to fade . Some blends have lasted up to 8 hours on the beads - so pick your favourite essential oil and try it out - you are going to love this functional piece of beautiful jewellery!

We recommend using Young Living Essential Oils with our bracelets, this way when you wear your oils on your wrist, you are also experiencing the therapeutic qualities of pure essential oils that only Young Living can bring right from their farms to your doorstep (see why at Seed to Seal).

Please Contact Us if you have questions about our bracelets, would like to place a custom order, or if you would like more information about essential oils. We would be happy to help you!!